“Yellowish meat, color of the skin?
Yes it is green.
Liked by the kin
Fruit it is, also called by the name king!”

Hearing the rhyme first comes to mind about a fruit that is Mango. The taste specialist with its rich color and essence has gained mass popularity in the kingdom of fruits. Its popularity has reached such a state that it is tagged as ‘The king’.
Not only do its taste and attributes attract the consumers most, but also there are interesting facts within it.

• 1 cup (165 grams) of fresh mango provides approximately 67 percent of the daily need for vitamin C. This aids your immune system, helps your body absorb iron and promotes cell growth and repair.
• Mango intake gives a feeling of fullness and satisfaction with low calorie supply having fewer than 100 calories in 165 grams fresh mango. Due to this having mango won’t lead to being fat.
• More interesting part is mango breaks a myth that it is pretty much harmful for a diabetic patient to have mango.
• Rather it might be useful for one to eat for its low glycemic index and other high nutrition value which helps in regulating blood sugar.
• Mango gives a good heart health due to having magnesium and mangiferin in it.
• High in polyphenols gives the mango to reduce risk of cancer for its consumer.