ACI recently introduced Rice Transplanter from Yanmar. Yanmar is the number one global Agricultural Machineries Company. The capacity of Yanmar Rice Transplanter is 0.4 hectare/hour. By using this machine, farmers can reduce cost up to 78% and save time up to 64%. In the traditional method, cost of rice transplanting is about 8,000 taka/hectare. Whereas, cost of planting using machines is about 780 taka/hectare. Moreover, 30 Kg rice seeds are required in every hectare of land by the traditional method. On the other hand, mechanical process takes only 22 Kg/hectare. Even by using 8 Kg seed, farmers can save up to 400 taka. Thus, about 80 percent cost saving is possible using mechanical rice transplanting process. ACI Motors is supplying Transplanter as well as training on usage, maintenance, and after-sales service. Dr. F H Ansarey Managing Director & CEO ACI Agribusiness