August 2023

A 20-post collection

Smart Assist Remote: Revolutionizing Harvesting, Promoting Entrepreneurship

Yanmar Combine Harvesters, introduced by ACI Motors in Bangladesh, has pioneered the Smart Assist Remote (SA-R) technology in the country. SA-R is revolutionizing the way farmers and operators manage harvesting operations. This technology offers numerous intelligent features, such as remote access to machines, comprehensive after-sales service, and efficient monitoring and »

ACI Motors’ Tractor Customer Engagement in August’23

ACI Motors organized a number of Sonalika Tractor customer events across the nation in August 2023. It set up tractor demonstration programs in 13 locations across the nation, many of which stand to gain greatly from farm mechanization. In addition, customers were invited to 25 network partner meetings and service »

ACI Fertilizer introduced ‘Humistar WG’

ACI Fertilizer has introduced a Humic acid-based fertilizer “Humistar WG” to the farmers of Bangladesh. Humistar WG contains 65% Humic acid, 12% Fulvic Acid and 17% Potassium. It is water soluble and available in a granular format. Farmers are getting excellent results after using this product in their crop field. »

Biodegradable Plastic: A Green Bio-based Technology for Sustainable Future

We use mulch to conserve soil moisture, improve fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth and enhance the visual appeal of the area. Now, biodegradable mulch films can be an ideal alternative to conventional plastic mulch to reduce plastic waste. These films are designed to naturally break down »

Concept of Biopharming and its Applications

Biopharming, also known as molecular farming is a field of biotechnology that involves using genetically modified plants or animals as bioreactors to produce valuable pharmaceuticals, vaccines, or industrial compounds. These genetically engineered organisms are designed to express specific genes that encode the desired products, allowing for large-scale production of high-value »

Sonalika Tractor Demo and Network Partner Meets

In July 2023, ACI Motors arranged several events for the Sonalika Tractor community throughout the country. It organized tractor demonstration programs in 16 Upazillas of the country that can be largely benefited from farm mechanization. Besides, 12 network partner meetings were organized where tractor owners, operators and drivers gathered and »

“KNIGHT04”: ACI Seed’s New Hybrid Kohlrabi Variety

ACI Seed launched a hybrid kohlrabi variety under the brand name “KNIGHT04” with high aspiration. The origin of the variety is NONGWOO BIO, a renowned company of South Korea. The market of kohlrabi is increasing significantly and the SBU has special attention on the variety. The sowing period of KNIGHT04 »

ACI Seed’s Promising Tomato Variety – “SCARLET” & “RED ROCK”

ACI Seed launched two promising tomato varieties under the brand name “SCARLET” and “RED ROCK”. The varieties are from NONGWOO BIO, a renowned company of South Korea. The SBU is giving a special focus on the varieties considering the market potentiality. The sowing period of SCARLET is August-December. The fruit »

Early Diagnosis of Calf Pneumonia

Monitoring dairy calves with precision technologies based on the "internet of things," or IoT, leads to the earlier diagnosis of calf-killing bovine respiratory disease, according to a new study. The novel approach -- a result of crosscutting collaboration by a team of researchers from Penn State, University of »