We use mulch to conserve soil moisture, improve fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth and enhance the visual appeal of the area. Now, biodegradable mulch films can be an ideal alternative to conventional plastic mulch to reduce plastic waste. These films are designed to naturally break down over time, reducing the accumulation of plastic residues in the soil. It utilizes renewable source-based materials like plant starches, cellulose, and polylactic acid (PLA) instead of non-biodegradable low-density polyethylene (PE) commonly used in traditional plastic mulch. Not only agriculture but also industries like manufacturing and packaging can get benefits from usage of biodegradable plastic materials. Recently, ACI Limited (Premiaflex Business) pioneered the preparation of Biodegradable Plastic Films in Bangladesh with imported raw materials. These films are already being used in baby diapers and sanitary napkins to reduce environmental impacts.

The utilization of biodegradable plastic films represents a significant step towards a sustainable future. Through collaboration between research institutions and industry stakeholders, we can promote the adoption of this green bio-based technology. By investing in local manufacturing facilities, offering incentives, grants, subsidies and supportive regulations, and collaborating with manufacturers, retailers and distributors, we can ensure the widespread availability and accessibility of biodegradable plastics. Furthermore, engaging with consumer education initiatives and raising awareness about the benefits of biodegradable plastics can foster a culture of responsible consumption and encourage individuals to make environmentally conscious choices. Together, we can reduce plastic waste, and embrace environmental stewardship for a greener tomorrow.

Dr. F H Ansarey
ACI Agribusinesses Division

Photo : Biodegradable PE Film