Yanmar Combine Harvesters, introduced by ACI Motors in Bangladesh, has pioneered the Smart Assist Remote (SA-R) technology in the country. SA-R is revolutionizing the way farmers and operators manage harvesting operations. This technology offers numerous intelligent features, such as remote access to machines, comprehensive after-sales service, and efficient monitoring and management capabilities.

One key feature of SA-R is the ability to check the current status of the harvester and its harvested areas using a smartphone or computer. This allows owners to monitor their harvesters from remote locations, ensuring they stay informed about harvester performance and operational data without the need to physically be present at the worksite. It is a game-changer for managing contracting work efficiently. Owners can monitor operations without going out to the field, accurately convey work instructions to operators, and check the timing of periodic maintenance. On the other hand, comprehensive after-sales service is another valuable aspect of SA-R technology. By providing after-sales service based on the monitoring of the harvesters, SA-R reduces downtime and offers maintenance suggestions depending on operating hours or machine alarms. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns and optimizes machine performance. A dedicated support team also plays a role in notifying operators about necessary maintenance, ensuring machines are well-maintained and operating optimally. In conclusion, SA-R technology revolutionizes the harvesting process by providing convenience, efficiency, and improved productivity for end users.

Additionally, SA-R technology can now automatically detect the harvested land and based on the heat map, yield information can be collected during harvest.

Dr. F H Ansarey
ACI Agribusinesses Division

Photo: SA-R map (on left) and list (on right) views for Harvester Owners showing Operational Area and Time Data