Farming is an ancient way of living indeed. Among different types, the Dairy farm holds a significant share in the farming sector. The ‘Start small and continue big’ slogan can be fit for the mentioned business. Before starting a dairy farm, efficient and effective planning, implementation and maintenance would bring great success. Here are some tips shared for a beginner-level dairy farmer.


Planning is the most crucial step before starting any business. The farmer should get training and expert opinions regarding the whole business. Then one should go for planning. The planning model should include location, types of cattle, breed, which sells a product like milk, meat or leather is the target, market supply and demand ratio should be researched, target market, capital invested and outcome etc.

Land Selection

A place full of water and fodder is the most suitable one with a perfect drainage and waste management system.

Selection of Good Dairy Breed

For a good business, a cow with a history of high milk production should be selected. Wide but medium-sized teats that do not sag are a perfect candidate.

Feeding Tips

A cow that produces more milk requires more protein such as mixed grass legumes, alfalfa and other protein supplements. Salts and minerals are also needed. Silage, grains, hay etc. are great choices. Besides natural sources, cows need man-made supplements to stay healthy and supply milk.