YAMAHA has arranged a stunning ‘Expanding Possibilities – 2019’ dealer conference in historic Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam on 11 January 2019. Strategic planning was formulated through various activities for expansion of sales for 2019 in the conference. The achievers for the year 2018 were awarded in various category on their overall performances. The dealers were encouraged to enhance their skill on Sales, Service and Spare parts of their products at the closing day of the conference. Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das, Executive Director, ACI Motors, Yamaha Dealers and higher officials of ACI Motors were present in the program. YAMAHA is one of the most popular global brands for motorbike. ACI Motors is the sole distributor of YAMAHA Motorbike and its spare parts in Bangladesh. There are more than 41 3’S (Sales, Service, Spare parts) dealer points and 3 Flagship Center of Yamaha across the country.