During 2017-18, only 26.20% of the demand was met by quality seed supplied by government and private sector. Rest of the seeds used were retained seed kept by farmers. Still, farmers are using retained seed for rice seed (39.22%), vegetables (15.89%), and potato (86.92%). Considering the gap in quality seed’s demand, supply and distribution, ACI Seed started to develop a new dimensional distribution channel. To reach the untapped segment with quality seeds directly, ACI Seed partnered with Daakbox Limited, Jessore and Amra Kaj Kori (AKK), Faridpur. Through this channel, the partner organization will distribute ACI Seed directly to farmers in those areas where traditional channels have limited. Through this model, ACI Seed products will reach more niche market of rural Bangladesh at no additional cost. Daakbox limited has developed a direct relationship with 7000 Southern farmers & has employed over 100 lead farmers as sales agent. It is managing these farmers to sell agro output and input products. To bring the change at field level, Daakbox is supporting its farmers through quality inputs. Hence it has developed the partnership with ACI Seed for ensuring better inputs. Moreover, Daakbox is working with Bank Asia and supporting its farmer group for quick loan service directly for farmers where a farmer will get a credit card. By swapping the card in POS machines, farmers can now buy seed in credit from selected outlets of Daakbox. Farmers are getting this crop loan product during sowing season and can repay the loan during harvesting time. Amra Kaj Kori (AKK), a Faridpur based NGO, has a strong farmer base at different char land of Faridpur and Rajbari region. Char land is very hard to reach with a common distribution channel where farmers have limited access to quality seed. AKK as a distributor of ACI Seeds for these specific char land will promote and ensure quality seed through local woman entrepreneurs.