Starting with a riddle inside a grocery bag, “A minor prodigy with a mature strength, despite of being seed not planted rather eaten as the friend of health in black.” Sounds tricky? Despite of being a tiny particle it is taken as daily food considering its bulk of health benefits. All these words might perfectly fit for ‘The Black Cumin Seed.’ In day to day life, it is consumed in small to mild amounts in different forms.
The Black seed is a small ingredient but the facts it carries within it might blow our minds.
• It was found in Tutankhamun’s Tomb which was put on with other tomb items which were believed to be needed in the afterlife. This implies to the great importance of the Black seed in ancient Egypt.
• Having a role in building up a good complexion of skin it was included in the regular diet of the famous Nefertiti of ancient Egypt.
• It’s a very important antioxidant for our body fighting free radicals of the body reducing the susceptibility to diseases like: diabetes, heart disease, etc.
• The Black Cumin acts as an anti-inflammatory in our body reducing pain.
• It is a good friend to the heart by decreasing cholesterol levels of its own, 3 grams of it might work well.
• It is a very suitable food to be present in a body weight loss diet for its unknown but remarkable role in losing weight and body fat.