Imagine a species of bird which outnumbers humans on this Earth. There are more than 33 billion of them estimated. We are talking about the descendant of the Red Jungle Fowl commonly recognized as ‘The Chicken’. Every human being irrespective of geographical location and other living parameters knows about chickens. It holds the top position in the list of the favorite food of both ancient and modern cuisine. Often we miss the interesting facts about the most available and common things around us. Having a look at what we missed about the chicken might astound us.
• Chickens may dream. Research proves it has REM (rapid eye movement) while sleeping keeping its half brain awake which able them to keep one eye open and sleep looking out for predators and staying safe.
• Science acclaims that chickens are the closest living descendants of Dinosaurs while having a common ancestry between them and Tyrannosaurus rex.
• A bird with wings can’t fly might be a bit questionable fact. Same wise chickens are thought to be a bird with wings not being able to fly. But in reality, they can fly for short distances but not like their ancestors the Red Jungle Fowl.
• Chickens bathe in the dirt to stay clean. As it contains an oil gland on the back used to release oil over feathers to make them waterproof. To clean the old oil they need a dirt bath.
• Chickens have a pecking order which is a social structure based on a hierarchy of pecking order or dominance ensuring a stable and secure cohesive group.
• Having a great memory is what makes the chicken more unique. They can recognize over 100 different faces not just of chickens but also of human beings.