Dorodi is a very prominent international variety of Pumpkin of East West Seed. ACI Seed is giving a special focus on the variety considering the market potentiality. Dorodi is a winter variety pumpkin. The average fruit weight of the variety is 3.5-4 Kg and the average yield is 15-16 MT/Acre. The fruit colour is dark green and the flesh colour is yellow. Moreover, the fruit shape is flat round. The specialty of the variety is about 90% fruits are same in weight and size and the diseases resistance of the plant is high. To promote the variety, the Business is driving aggressively in the market with the support of East West Seed Bangladesh Limited.
ACI Seed arranged a field day program of Pumpkin – Dorodi at Sadar, Chuadanga on 20 November 2021. Mr. Yusuf Alam, Asst. Marketing Manager, Mr. Anower Hossain, Area Sales Manager, Mr. Bahar Uddin, Marketing Officer of ACI Seed and Mr. Juwel Rana, Market Development Officer of East West Seed were present in the program. More than 60 farmers and retailers participated in the event. The Officials of ACI Seed discussed the characteristics and performance of the variety. The demo farmer Mr. Abdul Wahab was very pleasant by getting the excellent result of Dorodi. He found more than 1000 fruits in 25 decimal lands with average weight of 4-4.5 Kg and total yield was more than 4 MT in his land.
The participant farmers and retailers were very excited to see the performance and know the key information about Dorodi through the program and they were committed to cultivate the variety in the next season. ACI Seed expects to harvest a satisfactory sale of Dorodi in the next season.