On 26 May 2022, ACI Fertilizer arranged a Model Guava Farmers’ meeting on Rapid (Paclobutrazol) at Aamgasi, Rajshahi Sadar, Rajshahi. Mr. Rasel Mahmud (Assistant Product Manager), Area Manager, Local Officer of ACI, 50 Guava Grower, ACI Dealers and Retailers had participated in that meeting. Most of the participants have 660 decimal and more land for Guava cultivation this year.
ACI officials said that most of the guava growers have benefited from the use of Rapid because the guava trees did not have flowers every year before, but now all the trees have flowers due to the use of Rapid. Guava growers shared their happiness, result, and success story with the Dealers, Retailers, and other participants.
Guava growers harvest the same result not only in Rajshahi but also in Chapai Nawabganj, Natore, and Naogaon areas. ACI Product Management Team hopes that using Rapid will be a Boosting guava yield and make the farmers financially benefitted.