Bangladesh is predominantly an agricultural country where agriculture sector plays a vital role in accelerating the economic growth. It is therefore important to have a profitable, sustainable and environment-friendly agricultural system in order to ensure long-term food security for people. The socio-economic perspective of agriculture is important. Most of the farmers cultivate Rice for self-employment and to meet Family consumption need. Poultry employs are the young population. Aspired entrepreneurs with relatively higher income cultivate fish. Cattle are mostly homestead. Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in Rice, Potato and Fish. However, there are challenges. Crop productivity is marginal & cost of production is growing. Growing temperature is challenging for fish. Poultry is often adversely affected by bird flu. Meanwhile, the temperature differences between day and night adversely impacts the rice yield. There is a gap in calorie and protein intake. Safe and nutritional food is a big concern. Public sector has been working to cope up with the challenges. Private sector from home and abroad can be encouraged to participate in the R&D to reduce the time gap. Rapid generation advance technology and molecular intervention can help in the climatically challenged areas. ACI arranged the discussion session on the occasion of having Nobel Laureate renowned British biochemist & molecular biologist Sir Richard John Roberts. In this program, Chairman of ACI Limited, Mr. M Anis Ud Dowla, Managing Director of ACI Limited, Dr. Arif Dowla, Managing Director of ACI Agribusiness, Dr. F H Ansarey was present. Among the invited guests, Senior Government Officials, Scientists, Teachers from Public & Private Universities and journalists from Electronic & Print Media were present. In his speech, Sir Richard Robert said, “While millions of people in the developing countries go to bed hungry, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seems to be imperative for them to fight starvation and malnutrition. It can improve crop production and remarkably enhance the nutritional value of those same harvests.” In a reaction to the speech of Sir Roberts, Dr. Arif Ud Dowla has expressed his concern into the development of country’s productivity by utilizing new technology in the agricultural sector. In his speech, Dr. F H Ansarey, the Managing Director of Agribusiness said that “ACI’s dream is to make future farming more enjoyable and exciting. Educated and young population will be more curious and more attracted in agriculture.”