Like any other fruit, Pomegranate farming can always be a wonderful option for an agro-enthusiast. Without a doubt, the market demand is also high due to its importance for nutrition and taste.

Here are some tips for the beginner to start with

What type of Pomegranate?
The variety is to be selected according to the climate of the area. If the demand is large fruit then the varieties should be Balegal, Early Wonderful and Wonderful. If for medium-sized fruit Sweet and Granada are the favourites.

How and When to Plant?
The best time to plant a pomegranate tree is spring or fall in a warm climate. It needs direct sunlight exposure at least for 6 hours. The tree is to be planted in a hole as deep as the nursery pot and twice as. In cooler climates, it is to be planted in a large container that can be moved to a protected location during cold weather.

How to take care?
Watering the plants more often is very important until established. Fertilizer is to be used when they leaf out around February with a large covering of compost or use an organic fertilizer 2-3 times per year.

Ready to Harvest?
Different varieties hold different harvesting times throughout August and November. The typical time and color of ripeness of the type of tree. When the stem and blossom end the fruit begins to flatten.