In January 2021, ACI Seed conducted a day-long seed potato production field visit and workshop with 150 dealers, retailers, and large farmers. The field visit was conducted at different upazillas of Dinajpur district and after the visit, the workshop was held at Dinajpur Sadar. Objective of the field visit was to create Awareness on ACI Seed potato and build confidence of customers and farmers. The ACI Seed team received customer feedback regarding the performance of seed potato where customers were highly confident after visiting ACI Seed potato production field. The Plant Growth, Virus-free Plant, no of plant per hill, yield performance etc. grabbed the eyes of the visitors. Overall production field was very good. At field level seed potato plant growth is good and farmers are optimistic about the performance and caring of ACI seed potato production. The events were enlightened by Business Director with presence of General Manager-Marketing & Sales, ACI Seed, National Sales Manager, ACI Seed and Portfolio Manager-field crops along with production & marketing colleagues from ACI Seed.