Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) is arranging tree fairs in different places all over the country. The aims of these fair are to motivate and aware people to ensure agricultural technology expansion, meet nutritional demand, preserve ecological balance and socio-economic.

ACI Fertilizer is participating in these fairs to promote balanced fertilization and its benefit. ACI Fertilizer’s Rajshahi, Rangpur, Cumilla and Khulna Teams have participated in Tree Fairs in their respective districts. The Fruit Tree Fair was organized by the Department of Agriculture Extension in Chapai Nawabganj from 18 - 22nd July 2019. Sr. Regional Manager, Area Executive, along with Marketing Officers have organized the stall, displayed and promoted all fertilizer products among local visitors. On the other hand, Rangpur ‘Fruit Tree Fair’ took place in Mithapukur Sadar Agriculture office premises. This fair started from 20 July and held till 23 July 2019. ACI Fertilizer’s Rangpur team was awarded for the ‘Most Attractive Stall Construction’. They have displayed all fertilizer products to create brand awareness. However, Organic, Gypsar, and Promoter received more attention from the visitors in these fairs.